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Wednesdays NFT

Wednesday’s NFT began as a collective of like-minded artists and builders who share a love of blockchain technology and frogs. The Wednesdays creative team spent months conceptualising their favourite frogs, taking inspiration from movies, anime, gaming, and absurdity. The Synchrony Labs team built the underlying utility and analytics of the NFT to expand their DeFi offerings and technology on their platform. The Wednesdays’ NFTs community is welcoming to users of all experience levels; with a primary goal to inspire new users to join the blockchain revolution and existing NFT users to consider DeFi as part of their Web3 journey.

Utility NFT

Wednesdays NFT is a Web2.5 solution to help bridge the gap between NFTs and DeFi. The frogs are packed with utility starting with proceeds burning SCY and granting access to exclusive events and communities, with lots more to come! This NFT will be first launched at the Metaverse Summit in Paris in July 2022.





Wednesdays First Edition

Wednesdays access to private Synchrony channels and
Alpha access

NFTs on Synchrony

Volume 2 Announcement

Early access for Volume I holders to Volume II

Partnership Deployment

Wednedays Volume II mint

More Coming Soon!


Wednesdays wouldn’t be here if not for the guidance and support from our partners. Our partners hold the same objective as Wednesdays: make blockchain more accessible to users of all backgrounds and crypto exposure.

Welcome to the Wednedays NFT FAQs. We hope to answer any questions about the project here, but if we did not please join in the conversion on the Synchrony Discord

Wednesdays NFT is a collection of algorithmically generated, frog-themed NFTs. These NFTs are utility-centric providing an on-ramp for new users to Web 3 or seasond NFT collectors into DeFi.

What is The Wednesdays NFT Utility?

The *initial* utility for The Wednesdays NFT's:
1. $SCY Buy and Burn- a portion of the mint will go towards buying the Synchrony token and burning it.
2. Gated Access. NFT-holders are granted access to discord channels with curated content, research tools, and discord-alpha-bots to further consolidate when, where, and how to DYOR.
3. NFT integration into the Synchrony DeFi platform.
More coming soon...

How to Mint Wednesdays NFT?

If there are any available you will either receive a private link or have an open link on this website that says "Mint". Once on the minting page, you will see a mint button, click the button and follow the instructions.

Where will I be able purchase Wednesdays NFT on the secondary market?

After our airdrop and mint have completed, we will work to get listed on all of Solana's top NFT exchanges.

What network/chain is this on?

The Wednesdays NFT will be launched on the Solana blockchain, but like Synchrony, will be on more chains in the near future.

How much does each The Wednesdays NFT cost?

Those of the community who have earned the NFT through our various promotion events will not be charged. The mint price can change. The current price to mint: 1 SOL

How many The Wednesdays NFTs will be for available to mint?

The first generation of TWNFT will be 5555 frogs, and these will be prioritized for airdrop first and limited community events, second.

Why the SCY discount?

Using SCY for the purposes of discounting and collecting these NFTS provides further utility for the token. A portion of the SCY tokens used to discount the NFT will be burned.


NFT's put on sale provide a 5% Royalty which is split between the artists and Synchrony.

Will there be a whitelist?

No, but there will be limited minting periods when users can mint the Wednesdays NFT and private minting links will be sent to users who participate in Synchrony and Wednesdays community events.

What is Synchrony?

Synchrony is truly decentralized asset management powered by A.I. and Analytics; the first on-chain copy-trading and composable indexing protocol, facilitated by a friendly DeFi Farmer’s Market. Copy what other traders do, invest passively with our dynamic indices (or create your own!), and do-your-own-research (DYOR) using our holistic suite of analytics tools.


Wednesdays wouldn’t be here if not for the guidance and support from our partners. Our partners hold the same objective as Wednesdays: make blockchain more accessible to users of all backgrounds and crypto exposure.

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